Alex Corrigan

A Musical Safari: 16/06/2020

Starting from J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

I do this every so often (quite often). I start listening to one bit of music and it makes me think of another, so then I listen to that. And that makes me think of another, so I listen to that… and so on. I thought I’d record the journey this time. The places I end up can be quite tangential or miles from where I began. It’s fun, involves a bit of discovery and now I’ve documented it sort of justifies why I spent an hour doing it. So let’s give this a go.

This evening I found myself humming something along the lines of Bach’s Toccata and Fugure. Either that or something very similar that reminded me of it. And that is where we begin:

  • J.S. Bach: Toccata and Fugure in D Minor (youtube)
  • Jean Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Pt. 4 (youtube)
  • DJ Shadow: Organ Donor (youtube)

This first batch of tracks definitely followed a bit of an ‘organ’ theme. But more than that, quite short and choppy organ playing. The ending on DJ Shadow with Organ Donor was from some distant memory when I listened to it a lot many years ago. And that provides the first transition in to something a little different, a bit of reuniting with some more of his tracks.

  • DJ Shadow: Blood on the Motorway (youtube)
  • DJ Shadow: Six Days (youtube)
  • Groove Armada: Edge Hill (youtube)

Groove Armada I listened to about the same as DJ Shadow so that’s why that track came up. Long, slow and atmospheric. I recall first hearing a section of it on some TV advert though can’t remember which (it might have been one of the first trailers for Lost – it wasn’t, I checked).

This got me on to some movie soundtracks. Not sure why or what the connection was, but from here and for the next fair few tracks and artists there is a connection in the style and composition on them.

I’ve always found these composers produce work of similar style and scale that I just like. I could listen to these tracks on repeat all day and just zone out, or in, and nothing would interupt me.

There then follows a soundtrack to Inception that also follows that same style of repeating and building musical phrases (is that the right term??).

Then finally a couple of stragglers at the end…

That last Tyler Bates track I found completely by accident by Youtube recommending me stuff based on what I had watched previously, but it totally fits with those same styles of John Murphy, Murray Gold and Clint Mansell from earlier. I had to include it.

That is where we end for this musical safari. Maybe I should do a Spotify or Youtube playlist or something, and then I can talk a bit more about each individual track rather than just list them out.

I am sure there will be more to follow….