Alex Corrigan

Switched from Lektor to Hugo for Site Generation

... and it was painless

Not been updating the site for a while. No excuses, just work and other things going on. I gradually tried to get back in to it back in December last year after reading a bit about Hugo. I thought for the sheer hell of it I’d give it a go and migrate my site from being generated by Lektor to Hugo. Only a meer 6 months later have I now completed the final stage of that to be able generate the site in Hugo and upload a new post ta-da!

I use Netlify to host this site. Previously, using Lektor, I had to do a manual deployment. Run separate Netlify script to deploy changes. Not I just connect it to my BitBucket repo, and changes I push to master instaly kick-off a deploy. Granted, this could have still be been the case before, but I don’t think I was aware of this approach until now. But it works really well and I’m suitably impressed.