I had a big old wall of text here previously with various musings about what I do and automation, and testing, and my views, and other stuff. It really was too much.

About Me

I am a tester first. More specifically, some might say, a "test engineer" of sorts. Ultimately, I am a tester who knows technonlogy, how to code, and how all those things can be combined to great effect.

I live in Cambridge (UK), work in London, and currently do a lot of my work on financial market systems.

This is my first time out having some form of dedicated presence on the Internet having been inspired to write on topics that interest me by other notable personanlities. Admitedly, my first blog post took me way too long to write (at least two weeks if I add up all the time fretting over it, and the endless edits). It is by no means perfect but I am starting to see some value in trying to organise my disperate thoughts in to some kind structure for communication.

About this blog

It is a work in progress. Over time we will see how I wish to describe it.

I built it myself (using Lektor), no Wordpress in sight, so it has become a little bit of an obsession. I still do not think I like the colours or the various shades of black used. As if anyone could notice!

I know it looks good on a mobile device if that counts for anything?!?